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The Digital Music News Podcast

Apr 1, 2019

Peter Csathy is the author of Fearless Media, which is 300+ pages about everything that happened in the media world - in just the last year.

That's right: the media space is moving so fast, somebody can write an entire book about it, with nearly every page dedicated to a new company, investor, multi-billion dollar merger, or emerging sector.

One of those spaces is music, specifically streaming music, which had a watershed year in 2018.  Of course, one of the 'big kahunas' in music is Spotify, a company that is often compared to Netflix in the video world.

But how apt are those comparisons?

Csathy says there are definite parallels: both are independent of mega-corporate owners, both are spending billions to stay ahead, and both are the target of the entire competitive class.

Will both survive?  Unfortunately, that's a question both companies are struggling with.

But music is so unique, maybe the differences outweigh the similarities.  

But that was just one part of this insane discussion about the media world, which is moving faster than anyone can keep track of.  Well, Csathy is one guy who tried.