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The Digital Music News Podcast

Dec 12, 2019

James Sammataro is one of the top music industry attorneys. And like many music biz barristers, he's witnessing an alarming swell in copyright infringement lawsuits -- some of which are pretty questionable. 

But even if a claim is flimsy, that doesn't mean an ill-educated jury won't award a multi-million dollar award to...

Nov 26, 2019

Lucidious was a talented musician with a growing fanbase and a well-paying day job.  But he also couldn't get onto a Spotify playlist to save his life.

Now, he's making $250,000 a year with a rabid and growing fanbase.  And he's still not getting any Spotify playlist love.  So how is that even possible?

Ari Herstand,...

Nov 20, 2019

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Phil May from the band, The Pretty Things. One of the most influential people in rock history, and you’ve probably never heard of him.

Phil May founded The Pretty Things with Dick Taylor in 1963. He founded the group with Dick Taylor who had previously been in Little Boy...

Oct 30, 2019

This week, we talk to the world's foremost experts in guitar effects pedals. After spending decades in music production, live tech, and pedal development, these four guys decided to help break the world's record for the largest guitar effects pedalboard ever created.

Some may ask, why? These guys asked why not?


Sep 22, 2019

In this episode of the Digital Music News podcast, we stray outside the usual music industry discussions to interview fast-rising YouTube sensation, Dad.  Enjoy!