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The Digital Music News Podcast

Jul 18, 2020

When it comes to trainwrecks, this one takes the cake. Just a few weeks ago, the ultra-successful country-pop trio Lady Antebellum decided to change their name, citing newfound sensitivity towards racist overtones.  But Lady Antebellum's new name, Lady A, was already taken by Seattle-based black blues singer Anita White, who's been using the moniker since the late 1980s.

At first, Lady A met with the newly-named Lady A and things seemed to be ironed out. “Transparent, honest, and authentic conversations were had," Lady Antebellum shared. "We are excited to share we are moving forward with positive solutions and common ground. The hurt is turning into hope. More to come.” Sounds great, but White says that was far from the reality of the 'negotiations'.